Our Team

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Linda May
Executive Director

Linda hails from the Midwest, but has lived all over the country. Additionally, she graduated from Hood College in Frederick (when it was still a women’s college!) and received her Masters from Case Western Reserve University.

Linda has two adult children and three grandchildren, as well as two English Bulldogs.

After running marketing departments for publishing companies for 35 years, she finally has a chance to use her Masters in Library Science and work in a job she loves. It has always been her dream to work in a small public library in a great town like Waynesboro – she’s thoroughly enjoying meeting the people here and working with many of them to bring new resources to our town.

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Deborah Weikert
Assistant Director

Deb was born and raised in the Ringgold, MD area until Graduation from Smithsburg High School in 1968. At that time, she moved to Waynesboro, PA and worked for the Federal government until 2000, when she officially retired

But after several months of boredom, ventured in the Alexander Hamilton Library looking for books for a children's program at church, she filled out an application for part-time employment and was hired in June 2004.  Ever since, she has worked here as library assistant, Circulation  Desk Manager and Assistant Director. 

Deb is actively involved in her church, loves to read, do crossword puzzles, cryptograms, and jigsaw puzzles. She has been married to John (who works for Franklin County Library system as a courier and in processing) for 22-1/2 years, and between them they have five adult children and 13 grandchildren!

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Gina VitalE
Teen AND Adult Services

Gina Vitale is the Teen & Adult Services Librarian, with a background in art and education. She graduated from the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA, with a BA in Studio Art and an MS in Elementary Education K-6. After working as a preschool and kindergarten teacher for about five years, she earned an MLIS (Master of Library and Information Science) at the University of Pittsburgh. She likes to read history, historical fiction, and dystopian novels, and also loves gardening, decorating, baking, walking, bird watching, family history, fashion, and working on art projects. 

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Randi Hartman
Childrens Services

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Heidi Moyer

Heidi has worked at the library since October 2016. She has her B.A in history, with a minor in political science from Mount St. Mary’s University. She is originally from upstate NY. When not working at the library, she enjoys eating bacon cheeseburgers, traveling, hiking, spending time with her numerous nieces, nephews and family, Irish music, and of course reading a good book! Heidi lives with her husband Dominic and cat Ella.

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Shaliqua Potteiger

Shaliqua Potteiger has been working at the library for almost two years. She was raised in Waynesboro PA and was home schooled up through high school. During high school she attended cosmetology at Franklin County Career Center and Technology and Hagerstown Community College for personal training. In her free time she likes to be with her family outdoors. She also enjoys listening to audio-books and reading to her two children.  

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Ann Duble 

Ann started working at the Blue Ridge Summit Library over 13 years ago before coming to work Alexander Hamilton Memorial Free Library. She graduated from the University of Tulsa, Tulsa, Okla., with a BS in Journalism. Ann was married to two Vietnam Vets and moved every few years around the country and Germany. She retired from Fort Detrick, Md., prior to coming to work at the Libraries part time. She lives on the mountain in Cascade, Md., with three dogs (one Junie the Library dog) and one cat—all very spoiled. Ann likes to knit, crochet, quilt and belongs to a couple of blanket making groups. In warm weather, she spends a good bit of time in her large yard raking, mowing and some gardening, or reading on the porch with the dogs nearby. In the fall, she is parked in front of the TV watching college and professional football. Her teams are the Washington Redskins, the Oklahoma Sooners, and because she has grandchildren at Penn State, that too. A longtime advocate of nature and the outdoors, she abhors litter and is often seen picking up beer cans and other tossed trash along the beautiful mountain roads. Ann has two daughters and four grandchildren.

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Junie B. Jones

Library dog Junie lives with Library Assistant Ann Duble. Ann adopted her from the Antietam Humane Shelter about three years ago. Former Library Director Lori Milach saw Junie at an event at the Y and wanted to adopt her, but was not able to. Ann visited Junie at the Shelter and adopted her. Not much is known about Junie’s history, but she does have a chip in her, so the staff knew she was 12 when adopted. She came to the Waynesboro Shelter from another shelter to give her a chance to find a forever home. Junie comes to the Library when Ann is working and lies under her desk. She has quite a following of children and adults who ask “where’s Junie?” if she isn’t “at work.” She hangs out with Pickles, Reese and Jojo at home.


Aftan Francis


Peggy Etter

Peggy was born and raised in Waynesboro and graduated from Waynesboro Senior High. Peggy likes to read and is relearning to crochet. She belongs to a knitting and crochet group that meets at a local church once a week. Peggy has worked at the Library for the past eight years on the Circulation Desk. Peggy and Bobby have five children, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. She enjoys getting together with her family every fall to make applesauce, family holidays, and vacations to visit far-flung family on the West Coast.

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